Spirit of Alaska Rates
Alaskan Wilderness Adventures

Spirit of Alaska is one of Alaska’s only private wilderness lodges that offers single bookings.

“Our Rates & Policies”

Enjoy an exclusive one-on-one adventure with Steele as your guide extraordinare. You can't beat this quality once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the land and wildlife of Uyak Bay with an experienced and knowledgable guide. It's just you and your guide. Each trip is designed to accommodate your interests. There are no double bookings at our lodge.


1 Guest
3 days: $3,950 ea.
4 days: $4,850 ea.
5 days: $5,840 ea.
6 days: $6,650 ea.
7 days: $7,550 ea.


2 Guests
3 days: $2,600 ea.
4 days: $3,050 ea.
5 days: $3,500 ea.
6 days: $3,950 ea.
7 days: $4,400 ea.


3 or More Guests
3 days: $2,100 ea.
4 days: $2,400 ea.
5 days: $2,700 ea.
6 days: $3,000 ea.
7 days: $3,300 ea.
(Family discounts available
for children 17 and under)

What's included
⊙ Round-trip float plane from Kodiak to Spirit of Alaska
⊙ Fully furnished bunkhouse
⊙ All guided activities
⊙ All fishing gear and bait
⊙ Kayaking gear

What's not included
⊙ Food, paper products, and beverages
⊙ Transportation to Kodiak Island
Rates vary so please check with Alaska Airlines and Ravn Alaska. We are happy to assist with your in-state flight arrangements.

Cancellation Policy
50% deposit is required to reserve your booking. 85% of deposit will be refunded if reservation is cancelled 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival. Less than 30 days notice: deposit will be forfeited or applied to your next trip.

Things to Bring
Our climate is mild for the most part, but often changes quickly. On summer days it can be hot on land, but cool and breezy on the water. Your best course of action is to have a variety of clothing that you can wear in layers. We also suggest rain gear and rubber knee-high boots for certain activities. Check with us for available rubber boot sizes.

Our suggested list includes:
⊙ Sun block
⊙ Sunglasses
⊙ Warm clothing
⊙ Rain gear
⊙ Water proof boots
⊙ Gloves/ hat
⊙ Slipper/ Slip on shoes for privy
⊙ Paper products
⊙ Camera/ film/ video
⊙ Binoculars
⊙ Book
⊙ Food
⊙ Fish box or cooler for your fish
⊙ Water bottle
⊙ Wash and wipes
⊙ Flash light